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Motivation for the Data Analytics and Visualization Course

By the end of the training, course participants will have acquired the skill to assess the quality of data before embarking on any analytical or visualization tasks. The participants will be in position to perform data analytics through the four stages of the data analytics lifecycle i.e. describe data, carry out all possible diagnostics, prescribe and predict using data. Secondly, the participants will able to tell a poorly constructed visual from well-done one, but mostly they will be skilled in designing and constructing neat visuals that take into consideration the theories of data visualization.

Training Formats

  1. Weekend
    Starts Friday afternoon through to Sunday Morning. Runs for 2 consecutive weekends.
    Maximum class size: 5
  2. Five (5) Day
    Begins Monday through Friday
    Maximum class size: 5
  3. Private
    On-site training sessions can be arranged for firms/organisations for their staff at their office premises. Clients will be responsible for arranging the venue for the training and the costs of any refreshments desired. If interested in a private session, please reach us at info@craneanalytics.net  for more details.

Trainees are requested to carry along a laptop running at least Windows 7 Professional with MS Office installed.

A snack, hot drinks and water will be provided.

Training Outline

1.0 Introduction Data Analytics

1.1 Definition of Data Analytics
1.2 What is the Use of Data Analytics
1.3 Data Analytics Lifecycle
1.4 Data Analytics
1.5 Data Visualization

2.0 Data Generation and Processing

2.1 Types of Data
2.2 Understanding Data
2.3 Data Cleaning
2.4 Data Management (Transformation, Sorting, Sub setting, Merging, Appending)
2.5 Data Enhancement

3.0 Data Analytics

3.1 Data Analytics Lifecycle
3.2 Descriptive Analytics

(Visually examine data (via Excel charts, sparklines, trends, etc.)
summarizing data and checking of relationships between variables,
create indicator variables for qualitative information.)

3.3 Diagnostic / Explanatory (Bivariate and Multivariate Analysis)

Associations, Correlation, Analysis of Variance, Regression, Trend                               

3.4 Predictive (Time series)

(Use of models to forecast)
(What if models)

3.5 Prescriptive (Modelling)

3.6 Analytics Checklist

4.0 Data Visualization

4.1 Introduction to Data Visualization
4.2 Visual Processing Theory
4.3 Data Visualization Dos and DONTs
4.4 Graphics and Charts
4.5 Graphs and Chart Selection
4.6 Spatial Data

(including introduction to Geographical Information System [GIS])

4.7 Data Visualization Checklist

5.0 Tools and Technologies

5.1 Standalone
5.2 Web based/online
5.3 Programming environments

Training Cost

Training Cost:  UGX 650,000

$ 180.00

Payment Modalities:

Deposit/Wire Transfer to:

Account Name:           Crane Analytics Limited

Account Number         (UGX): 95010200002960

(USD): 95010200002961

Bank:                           Bank of Baroda

Branch:                        Kampala Main Branch

Mobile Money:

Number:          0772461643

Message:        “Your Name” – Crane Training