Crane Academy is an educational, training and career development division of Crane Analytics Limited. This Academy grew from combined expertise and commitment of data science and technology professionals with a wealth of experience in all things data. The shortage and lack of data scientists and analysts to support decision making and development in both private and public domain inspired the growth of this Academy.

We support students in universities and tertiary institutions through professional talks and internships to help them understand what the market and the world out there requires in terms of data scientist and analysts and also to prepare them for the market.

We provide technical and strategic training for highly motivated individuals and organizations. We offer a variety of training services including part-time courses, corporate training/workshops, and career guidance services. We are committed to improving and growing the culture of data analysis and use for decision making and learning.

Being specialists in customized training, let us help you enhance your individual and team’s data analytics, visualization and GIS skills.

We Offer

Tailored Training

Individual and corporate trainings tailored to your needs. From high level executive sessions to technical hands-on training.


We offer limited internship slots to students from universities and tertiary institutions who are interested in specializing in data analytics and visualizations.

Professional Talk

We offer professional and motivational talks to students relating to what the market and the world out there requires of data scientist and analysts and also to share what is professionally trending the area of data analysis and visualization.

Our Courses

Data Analytics and Visualization Training

OverviewTraining OutlineTraining CostRegistration Motivation for the Data Analytics and Visualization Course By the end of the training, course participants will have acquired the skill to assess the quality of data before embarking on any analytical or visualization tasks. The participants will be in position to perform data analytics through the four stages of the data...

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